Feedback from parents is very important to us. We regularly seek the opinions of parents and use these to make continual improvements. Please see some of the feedback we have received, below. We welcome all feedback!


''I have only positive things to say about the Sunshine room. The staff are all brilliant and it's a lovely environment. Staff are always cheerful! All of the staff are lovely and seem to know my child well. He clearly loves being in nursery and the range of activities he seems to do in one day is amazing! He does things at nursery that I would not think to do at home, so I get ideas of things to do with him too. There is always someone to ask any questions. I like the report sheet.''

''My son encounters a wide range of activities and has learnt a lot academically and socially.''

''I often join my son in the outdoor area when I collect him, it is a happy, safe, lively place.''

''I find him very happy and confident since he has joined this nursery.''

''As beautiful as the building and facilities are, the staff are always polite and friendly.''

''Outdoor areas- brilliant!''

''Outdoor facilities are lovely- a good range of activities and I like the fact that you go out in all weathers.''

''I have always felt I could speak to the staff at any time and discuss any issues with them regarding my child.''

''The children all respond well to the staff and it is reassuring to see the genuine affection the staff have for the children.''

''We have attended parents' evenings and Easter egg hunts. It's nice to have opportunity to come into nursery as a family.''

''I always feel confident to leave my child as she is greeted so well when we arrive. Your staff are really approachable.''

''Your staff are always professional and friendly and willing to talk to you and child. They are happy to advise and give tips for me to try at home.''

''We can see he loves going to nursery, he loves the staff and the other children.''

''I like that there are some older staff too.''

''Staff are always pleased to see him and make an effort to greet him personally and ask if he is ok. On the rare occasion he is reluctant, they are creative with techniques to distract/persuade him. Staff are always willing to report on the day giving both positive and negative feedback as appropriate and engage in trying to find solutions where necessary.These are always followed through. He is happy at nursery and enjoys the range of activities, particularly drawing, forest school and other outdoor play. I am confident he is developing well and that the activities are appropriate and enjoyable for him.''

''They have always loved the food!''

''I think he likes your meals better than mine!''

''The nursery and staff have been very accommodating with my child's special dietary requirements.''