Outdoor Facilities

Block play outside at Westwards Nursery LoughboroughWe are proud of our outdoor facilities, which we are continually developing to ensure outdoor opportunities for all children at Westwards are maximised.

We have a large garden, part of which is covered by a canopy and has an astroturf surface, allowing access in any weather. We are not restricted by rain or strong sun, meaning that children can access valuable learning experiences in the outdoor space year round.

Our outdoor area includes a climbing structure and various natural and recycled materials for the children to use, such as logs, tyres and planks.

Outdoor den at Westwards Nursery LoughboroughWe often make changes to the outdoor space, for example adding a den area to encourage communication and offering somewhere to hide away. We have also built a water wall so that children can explore and experiment with water flow, learning about gravity and making predictions.

To encourage creative play outside, we have just added an enchanted house for small world play, and a house for role play.


Parent comments about outdoor play at Westwards Nursery Loughborough

Painting outdoors at Westwards Nursery Loughborough We offer all kinds of activities outside- as plenty of space means there is room to do things on a larger scale and get messy!

We use paints and other art material, get wet in the summer, splashing about in the water and washing dolls, use water channels and supports to investigate water flow, use scramble nets and play parachute games as well as using wheeled toys. We watch tadpoles growing into frogs and we plant and grow flowers and vegetables.