We regularly publish newsletters to keep parents informed of events that have taken place and those that are planned. Some of these are included below, but for more information, please see our newsletters.

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2016 events so far and planned events include:

Beginning to use our new Forest School site, which Loughborough University have kindly given us access to!


2015 events included:

Celebration of our 'outstanding' Ofsted result!

The arrival of our Level 3 Forest School leader!

Our 50th anniversary celebration, which was well attended by staff, children and their families, who all had a great time!

A Easter Egg Hunt!

A workshop for parents based on how to support children's literacy development.


2014 events included:

Various outings and visits, for example visits to local shops and parks.

An open evening for parents.

Easter and Christmas events.


2013 Events that have taken place:

A Christmas party with a visit from Santa on the 18th of December!

A nativity on the 12th of December.

A visit from the photographer on the 18th of November.

Our recent open evening was well attended by parents, who came along to speak with their child's key person, ask any questions they had, and have a look round the nursery rooms (as well as enjoying some drinks and nibbles!)

We are pleased to announce that during the Summer term 2013 we had a quality review from Leicestershire County Council. We were awarded the highest possible grade!

Our 'parent play pilot' session during the summer went well. Staff and parents had a great time at the session, led by the inspirational Ben Kingston Hughes. We learnt about the importance of play to child development and even had time to play ourselves- making some bottle rockets, which we let off outside!

We have some new additions to our outdoor area. The '10 little ducks' counting wall is very popular, as is the new 'water wall'. The water wall is mainly made of recycled materials. The children really enjoy pouring water into it and guessing where it will come out! We also have an 'enchanted house' that can be home to fairies, dinosaurs, superheroes or anything else the children can imagine. We are also planning to develop an outdoor role play area soon as our next project.